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Blog post by Sibyl W, a Kindness Investor from Brentwood, Tenn.

Two young men were wearing flashy gold suits and waving their arms at a busy intersection in Franklin, TN.  I parked my car and walked over to them.  I could see right away they were using their friendly, outgoing personalities to entice customers to come in and check out their employer’s shop, Platinum Jewelers.  I had to choose which one to give the $10 to and Michael, age 21, was the winner.

He was willing to accept the $10 after I told him I was a “kindness investor” and explained what I was doing.  He agreed that a kind word or deed goes a long way, something we could all benefit from.  In addition to his full-time job, he also works part-time at a Mapco gas station.  His financial and life situation is beginning to level out a bit at this point in his life but it wasn’t always like that.

“I spent some time in state custody because I was getting into trouble,”Micheal told me.

“After I got out of that situation I left for Mississippi and worked for a roofing company but was laid off after six months.  I headed back here and tried for eight to nine months to get a job.   A friend of mine helped me out by recommending me to his employer and I’ve been here for nine months now. “

Michael received some good news recently; he’s going to be a father.  When I asked him what he might do with the money he replied, “laundry.”

I enjoyed talking to Michael and loved that he was so open and honest.  He seemed to be a nice, appreciative young man and I wish a very bright future for him.

I’m going to have a blast doing this.  Love it!

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Sibyl W.
59 (ouch!)
Where do you live?
Brentwood, Tenn.
Where were you born?
I was born in Asheville, NC
What’s the highest level of education you have completed?
Graduated high school and took some college courses (Business & Psychology)
Do you have a family?
I’m divorced, no children.  But years ago I had a little sister through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.  She’s now grown with two boys of her own.  Her oldest is my godson.
How did you hear about the Year of Giving?
I believe it was a story I saw online, possibly MSN but not sure.
How long have you been unemployed?
I’ve been unemployed a little over two years, but part of that time I went home to NC to take care of my mother who was very ill.
What happened?
I was working for an entertainment marketing company in LA when the recession hit and the company had to cut way back.  We had very well-known clients but even the big guys had to cut spending.
Do you currently volunteer?
I currently volunteer at Saddle Up!, it’s a therapeutic horseback riding program designed for physically and mentally challenged children.  I help out with three classes and love every minute of it.

Who have been your biggest influences?

My mother has been the biggest influence in life.  She experienced some tough hardships but the only thing she was ever afraid of… was missing out on the fun with her family.  Another is my brother.  He is such a good person and received all the patience in the family.
What is your favorite food?
Chicken Fajitas, love, love, love. Oh, and biscuits and gravy. But not in the same meal. 🙂
What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received?
My mother had five brothers and they were all in the service at the time of World War II.  My mother was a teenager at the time and they managed to bring her back an assortment of silver bangle bracelets.  When I was a little girl I loved playing with them.  Even though they were precious to her and she was afraid I would lose them, she gave them to me.  (I still have them.)
Describe your ideal job:
Having my own business helping others find what they are passionate about doing and then helping them find a way to accomplish it.

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