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Blog post by Maria D., a Kindness Investor from Washington, DC.

Say a big hello to Mrs. Marilyn J. If you’re going to sit down and chat with her, get ready to laugh your head off because Marilyn epitomizes what it’s like to be young, flirty and fresh at ANY age.  This grandma had taken a roughly hour and a half journey by bus and Metro to get to the Kennedy Center to see the ever-shocking, totally filthy red-headed comic Kathy Griffin.  When asked why she traveled so far alone to the show, she replied, “Are you kidding me! I’m not just gonna rot at home. And this just sounded like fun! So I’m here!”  In fact, she laughs at her kids when they ask her about being older.  “I wouldn’t trade my age for any other in the world.  I’m totally satisfied.”

This beautiful Canadian gem gave me all kinds of advice on topics from career and love to life and fashion (she was sporting a very lovely dress, by the way, purchased for $5 at Burlington Coat Factory).  When she heard I was an under/unemployed lawyer, she had some ideas. “Well honey, get involved in immigration law.  That was one hell of a struggle for me and my husband when we came here. Sheesh!”
Marilyn’s husband passed away 6 years ago, but she’s still going strong in her job as a Parks and Services Manager at an RV store in Cherry Hill Park.  Marilyn fell into the job on account of her husband and she absolutely loves it.  “I love what I do, lemme tell you.  I sure get paid too much to be so happy!  But don’t tell my boss that, shhh….”
When I asked what she’d be doing with the $10, she replied, “Hmm well I tell you what.  I’m going to be giving it to a budding lawyer.  Because she needs it a heck of a lot more than I do!”  As I handed her the $10 and she promptly handed it back to me she noted, “Now you make me proud!  I want to know what happens to my investment!”
I’ll sure do my best, Marilyn.

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