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Blog post by Maria D., a Kindness Investor from Washington, DC.


Greetings to Emma, from Takoma Park, MD.  She’s lived in the area her whole life and loves the community she shares with others. She had a big dose of skepticism though and declined to be photographed or exchange contact information.  She decided to give the $10 to her friend Marilyn’s business as a donation.  “She’s in financial strain and I know she could use the money.”


When asked if we could do anything for her, she rummaged through her bags (luckily before the bus came) to find her friend Marilyn’s flyer.  “If you could get the word out, that’d be great.  She’s a really deserving person and just needs a break right now to help her with her family expenses piling up.”


Marilyn sells health products through her website portal: www.MarilynCooper.FreeLife.com.  So if you have time, check it out. Maybe you’ll find something you need and can help support a mom looking to take care of her family.  Thanks for the brief but encouraging encounter, Emma!

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