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Blog post by Sibyl W, a Kindness Investor from Brentwood, Tenn.

Two young men were wearing flashy gold suits and waving their arms at a busy intersection in Franklin, TN.  I parked my car and walked over to them.  I could see right away they were using their friendly, outgoing personalities to entice customers to come in and check out their employer’s shop, Platinum Jewelers.  I had to choose which one to give the $10 to and Michael, age 21, was the winner.

He was willing to accept the $10 after I told him I was a “kindness investor” and explained what I was doing.  He agreed that a kind word or deed goes a long way, something we could all benefit from.  In addition to his full-time job, he also works part-time at a Mapco gas station.  His financial and life situation is beginning to level out a bit at this point in his life but it wasn’t always like that.

“I spent some time in state custody because I was getting into trouble,”Micheal told me.

“After I got out of that situation I left for Mississippi and worked for a roofing company but was laid off after six months.  I headed back here and tried for eight to nine months to get a job.   A friend of mine helped me out by recommending me to his employer and I’ve been here for nine months now. “

Michael received some good news recently; he’s going to be a father.  When I asked him what he might do with the money he replied, “laundry.”

I enjoyed talking to Michael and loved that he was so open and honest.  He seemed to be a nice, appreciative young man and I wish a very bright future for him.

I’m going to have a blast doing this.  Love it!

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