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I found James on the streets near Chinatown in Washington, DC.

I have debated what to write about my encounter with him.  I have heard some interesting and sometimes unbelievable and crazy stories.  For the most part I think that you need to have faith and give people the benefit of the doubt that they are honest.  That being said, I just didn’t believe James’story.

He claimed that he needed money to get home from his job as a “Class B Engineer.”  He had a tool belt on, a measuring tape on his jacket, a flash light, miner’s head lamp, and a half a dozen other small details that would suggest he was an electrician.  However, there were several things that simply didn’t add up.  I guess the bottom line is that I just didn’t buy it.  Plus, his speech sounded like he might have had a few alcoholic beverages before I met him…check out the video and you judge for yourself.

As for the $10, James says that he will use it to get home and get a cup of coffee at McDonald’s.

Maybe James will check out the site and leave a comment and tell me that I am wrong.

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