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The Year of Giving hit 4,000 unique visitors today from more than 37 countries around the world.

I met Joe, an Englishman from Nottingham (think East Midlands, the legend of Robin Hood, Raleigh bicycles, William Booth of the Salvation Army, Nottingham Forest F.C., home of Boots) who is in DC on vacation.  This is my first recipient who is not living in the US.  The 24-year-old is smart, witty, and easy to converse with.  Even a little self deprecating as he tells me that he has no talents whatsoever.  His friend Anna chimed in, “That’s not true…you are an expert at post colonial Nigerian military history.”  A tight smile came across Joe’s face and he slowly nodded and said, “Well, that is true.  I am.”  I never quite understood why such the specialty, but I am sure that comes in handy.

I asked Joe what he would do with my American dollars that I gave him.  “I’ll probably spend it on some beer and food, I guess.”  I asked his friend Anna what she would have done with it.  She thought about it and said that she would feel like she had to do something karma-like with it…like give it to a homeless person.  She recalls finding $10 a few weeks back and says that she gave it to a cab driver who said he was being evicted from his place.

Joe, like me, is unemployed right now.  He hopes to find work in the UK working in government.  Specifically doing campaign related work for the Labour Party…the party of current British PM Gordon Brown and former PM Tony Blair. 

I enjoyed speaking with both Joe and Anna.  They mentioned an interesting blog to me, People’s District.  I checked this blog out and really enjoyed it.  They also tipped me off to a potential place to hold the year-end celebration that I am planning in December.

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