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Did you see the update from Samantha from Day 15!  Check out the comments section to find out what happened to the $10 I gave her.

Raymond at the corner of Lancaster and 3rd Ave in Oxford, PA (Photo: Reed)

After my trip to the brewery yesterday, I spent the night with some friends who lived nearby.  The next morning I headed back to Washington, DC.  As I drove through Oxford, PA I nearly wrecked my car when I saw a guy dressed up in a Statue of Liberty costume playing air guitar jumping up and down wildly.  Ok.  I gotta pull over.  This guy’s got $10 written all over him!

So Raymond tells me that he is working for Liberty Tax Service.  His job is to get the attention of the cars who drive by.  To quote a former president, “Mission accomplished.”  In this instance though the statement is accurate.

Raymond is 20 and absolutely loves this seasonal job.  I was cold after being out of my car for only 5 minutes talking to him.  Not Raymond.  He said he loves the cold.  He is very positive and loves the opportunity to interact with the public and “put smiles on their faces.”

Raymond said he was going to give the $10 to his parents.  They allow him to use one of their cars to get around.  It’s a token of his appreciation for letting him use the car and maybe it will help fill the gas tank.  That was thoughtful of him.

Check out the clip of Raymond.

Back to DC now.

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I didn’t think that the driving situation could get worse than yesterday…but I stand corrected.  Today there were way more amateur drivers venturing out into the snowy mess.  I helped dig out and push five cars.  Most of the people were not used to driving in the snow.  Sadly one of them was a taxi driver who was completely clueless about driving in the snow (in his defense, he was from East Africa).

I was surprised at how few people offered to help.  One time a maintenance man at a nearby building offered to help.  His name was Chavez…I tried to give him $10 after we got the person unstuck, but he politely refused and said the next time I saw him he would accept.  I will be looking for you Chavez!

I later found Roger, a Street Sense salesman, at the Farragut North Metro entrance.  Roger is 58 and lives in DC.  He has been living with his brother-in-law for about four months after he had some serious problems with his wife and daughter that lead to his wife changing the locks.  “That’s a bad sign” he tells me.  Yea…I would have to agree with you Roger.  Now his brother-in-law is also asking him to leave.  He is not sure where he will go after Feb 11th.

He says he will keep my $10 and add it to his savings to hopefully pay for housing/shelter.  

Roger seems very nice.  I shot a little bit of video of him that you can see here.

Want to help Roger out?  Here are a couple of things he needs:

  • A place to keep some of his things.  Preferably a place where he could have key to lock the items up.  Even a closet like space would help.
  • Free counseling. Roger has went through a very difficult time with his family.  He realizes that he needs counseling on how to deal with the situation.  I would like to try to find a therapist who would work with Roger on a pro bono basis.
  • Lastly, his computer broke and he really misses having his computer.  He actually still carries his computer case.  If anyone or any company has a working laptop that they would like to put to good use, Roger would be very appreciative. 

If you can help with any of these things, let me know and I can contact Roger.

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