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I added a new element to the Year of Giving.  You will see a new tab that says “Lend A Hand.”  This is place where I will post things that could help the YoG recipients.  So if someone is looking for a job or a contact in a certain field, you will have the opportunity to directly help them.  Or maybe you want to help someone like Cleo from Day 41 who needs a new music stand which probably costs under $30.  You can leave a comment there about how you can help.  Be generous!
I went to my Tuesday networking group of professionals who are looking for new careers.  I really enjoy going to these sessions.  The cadre that we have assembled is dynamic and often offers thought provoking suggestions and ideas.  On top of the feedback I have gotten from the group, I have had several leads this week for work…so that is good.

Chilly day to be working outside

On my way home from my meeting, I saw a woman sitting by herself on a bench working on a laptop.  That was kind of crazy.  The bank clock/weather display showed that it was 46 degrees Fahrenheit.  So not freezing, but not exactly comfortable to sit outside and leisurely surf the net. 

I walked up to Danielle as she was typing away on her Apple laptop.  I asked her what she was doing there and she explained that she didn’t have wi-fi in her apartment yet so she was sitting there using the wi-fi she was picking up.  I told her that there was a Cosi close by that had free heat and wi-fi.  She smirked and grabbed a brown paper bag with a Cosi logo that appeared as if it contained a salad and showed to me.  “I went there.  Their wi-fi is down” she said.  

Danielle told me she had a Masters in Government Affairs.  I asked her where she worked and she gave me that face like, “hey, I’ve told you enough!”  She said she worked for “the government.”  You know what that means.  Spy.  Just kidding. 

I asked her what she was going to do with the money and she said she was going to go over to the CVS and give the $10 to the guy who stands outside opening the door for customers.  I knew who she was talking about.  I had even thought of giving him my $10 one day…but hadn’t yet. 

I was very sensitive to the fact that Danielle was probably working and I didn’t want to take up too much of her time.  I say that, but then again, what was she doing sitting on a bench at Dupont Circle.  Shouldn’t she have been at her “government” job office.  Ok, definitely a spy. 

We exchanged emails and said goodbye.  She said she would check out the blog and leave a comment on how she felt about the experience.

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