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Day 4 – Julie

Another cold day.  Were supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow over the next 24 hours or so.  Should be fun.

I found today’s $10 recipient on my way home from the gym.  Julie is a 30 something professional.  She stood, feet firmly planted on the curb with her eyes fixated on the busy street in front of her.  Next to her sat a rather large wrapped box…about 2’x 2’. 

I don’t know why I picked Julie today.  Maybe it was the curiosity of what was in the box.  Maybe it was because she was standing still…I realize now that this makes people easier targets for me.  If someone is moving I either need to convince them to stop and talk to me or walk and talk all while assuring them that I am not a creepy stalker.  She was also standing alone…I have hesitated to approach couples, groups, etc. to avoid having to decide which person to give the $10 to.  I guess I could divide it up…that’s an idea.  Or give them the option.  Anyway, I am still new at this so cut me some slack.

Anyway, back to Julie.  The thirty-something resident of DC quickly told me that she was waiting for her husband to pick her up.  I sensed that she was pretty skeptical of me…we spoke for less than 10 minutes and I am certain that she was convinced that there was some catch or I was out of my mind…although she might be right about the latter.  It also probably didn’t help that I was wearing bright red nylon work-out pants, on my way home I noticed some small children staring at them in an almost hypnotic trance – perhaps they thought I was an off duty Santa Claus. 

Anyway, she folded the two five dollar bills into her hand while fighting off a look of befuddlement.  She wasn’t sure what she would do with the money.  She explained that she might be leaving tonight to drive to St. Louis for the holidays.  FYI Mapquest says that is a 13 hour and 43 minute drive covering 862.26 miles!  Wow.  They either better have gotten on the road right then or probably waited until Sunday if the storm is going to be as bad as they say.  When I pressed her again about what she was going to do with the money, she said probably that it would be spent on coffee at some place on the road to St. Louis.

Julie seemed like an interesting person…the type that had our meeting not been so weird that you would spend more time talking to.  She even mentioned that her and her husband have a wedding band.  My brother is getting married in February…maybe he needs a wedding band…I bet I could get them to give him a good deal…at least $10 off J.  I wished Julie well and as I was leaving she stopped me, extended her right hand, asked me my name, and thanked me.  You’re welcome.

Day 4 is done…and the snow is on its way.  In case you are wondering, I forgot to ask her what was in the big box.

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